Jeremy North of Lakewood Towing Joins Our Action Committee

It gives me great pleasure to report to all our members that last week, on Friday, July 1, 2016, Mr. Jeremy North of Lakewood Towing Services ( officially joined our Action Committee.

Jeremy, of course, is a man well-known to all of you as the inspiration behind the drunk driving poster which won the 2013 Denver Chamber of Commerce annual award for Most Effective Safe-Driving Advertisement.

As the owner and operator of one of Lakewood’s top towing services, Jeremy has first-hand experience of the terrible dangers of driving while drinking; he is the one who is most often called by the Lakewood police to clean up the wreckage and the carnage of drunk driving accidents.

Though he has always been a great supporter of This Must Stop, Lakewood’s leading Driving Safety Group, he has never actually been a member.





But now he is: as of the first day of this month, Jeremy is joining forces with us, and coming into the group in a big way, as a member of our Action Committee.

He will be a great addition to our action team, because his position as the operator of a wrecker service gives him immense credibility. He has indicated that he is fully willing to make presentations to local high schools on the subject of driving safety and especially on the problem of drinking while driving.

His own nephew was recently severely injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver. He was in the hospital for many months, and when he finally left the hospital, just a few weeks ago, he left it in a wheelchair; he has lost the use of both legs forever. He is paralyzed from the waist down.

It was that accident that ultimately led Jeremy to stop supporting This Must Stop in a general though unengaged way, and decide to actually join the group and go to work in the most active and aggressive way possible.

We are deeply grateful to have a man like him in our ranks now, and I hope you will all give him a hearty welcome at our next monthly meeting.